David in Blue

"Hoedownerey" from The Celtic Suite. (The Scottish Heritage!)

David Urquhart-Jones was born in Scotland.

David wearing his first kilt.


From a very early age music has been his passion. At the age of 5 years he started piano lessons. The bag pipes came next, he was a member of the local boy scouts pipe band where he learned to march and play at the same time. Good things came from all of this performing in the cold Scottish weather and soon he had graduated from high school and off to London for further studies at Trinity College of Music.

Life wasn’t easy as a struggling student and many nights were occupied as a delivery boy around the Covent Garden area where he saw the Opera House and concert halls in a different light. It was here, in all-night pubs and cafés, that denizens of the London underground congregated during the witching hours.

Having  graduated from Trinity and doing his obligatory two years National Service in the army he was fortunate in finding work as Director of Music at the Forest Grammar School, Reading, UK, where he struggled, with eventual success, to learn the principles of teaching. He soon became involved in the rich musical life of the community. An appointment as conductor of the Wokingham Choral Society and continuing opportunities to perform as a pianist and bass player with colleagues who were ex members of major British orchestras provided the ideal conditions for David to ‘learn his trade‘ as a musician.

David Conducting in Papua New Guinea

David Conducting NG

After 10 years of managing and teaching exuberant young men he decided to accept the challenging task of establishing a music school in Papua New Guinea. In PNG he founded and conducted a choral/orchestral society which gave many performances of major works including a full performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ in an old aircraft hangar at Madang.

After relocating to Australia in 1970 David established another choral/ orchestral society and performed with many distinguished Australian artists in numerous concerts of chamber music. In addition he appeared on a number of occasions in cabaret at the renowned School of the Arts Cafe Queanbeyan; played jazz piano on a riverboat; and lead his local ANZAC marches with kilt and bagpipes.

"Tenth Avenue" from Still Groovin' 

Still Groovin' 14:3

While studying at the University of Michigan David conducted orchestral concerts in the United States and was a staff member of the American National Music Camp, Interlochen.  He is very proud to have been elected to membership of the American National Music Honor Society, Pi Kappa Lambda.

David's accumulated experience throughout his professional life as a performing musician and teacher has therefore been varied, international and predominantly carried out at a high level.

David is now distilling the experiences of a lifetime in compositions which reflect his many faceted musical career. 

How does he relax? David love’s few things more than relaxing in front of theTV watching shows like ‘Waking the Dead' with an ice cream cone, preferably two cones for the extra crunch; hazelnut chocolate; or a really good malt whisky.

Latest Work : Clarinet Quintet

      Fourth Movement

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