Appreciative Comments

In October, 2001 the following comment was offered in relation to my piano music:

“I teach a large variety of jazz piano music, and I have finally found a collection that is truly bubbling with life and vitality, from the very first piece to the last. My students instantly take to David Urquhart-Jones’ compositions. The scores are accessible, the melodies beguiling, quirky and catchy. What a welcome burst of fresh air!”

Abe Cytronowski B.Ed, B.A,. A.Mus.A. (author, From Blues to Bop & Beyond)

(Receiving a copy of your latest book and CD is the BEST thing that has happened to me......Amanda)

“Chilli with a Dash of Swing” was written in 1995 by David Urquhart-Jones.......It brings to mind the Claude Bolling suite for flute and jazz piano.  Like the Bolling, “Chilli with a dash of Swing” uses infectious Latin rhythms, syncopation and great jazz chords to good effect..... From review in the Queensland Flute Guild News Letter.  January 1996.

I recently attended the 2005 McGregor summer school and was privileged enough to play one of your pieces.  The piece was "Trio in C for Flute, Clarinet and Pianoforte”.  I really enjoyed playing this and I was wondering where I could buy this in order to perform it next year in the Kingaroy Eistedfodd or for assessment for my Music class at school......Caitlin.

Well I had my first lesson on your Three and Easy piece with Karen today and she has suggested that I might also like to purchase Chilli with a Dash of Swing, so I was wondering if I could also order this piece from you.  Thank you so much, I'm really enjoying playing your music!   

Thanks!.....Julianne, 2005.

I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed playing your music and have since recommended your compositions to my students.  Recently I have started tutoring highschool students and I have come across a young clarinetist who has been looking at the clarinet part of "Hip Hop Baroque".  Now he isn't at all at the standard to play it all the way through but has enjoyed its elements of jazz and baroque music.  I was wondering if you might have any other compositions out there for other instruments?  I am now teaching clarinet, saxophone, flute and percussion and my students have enjoyed the small introduction to your music!  Thank you!  Julianne. 2006.

I am 16 years old and music is my passion.  I’m discovering your work and I’m wishing to you to express my admiration and my enthusiasm for your musical way and for your compositions, your creations - I find them wonderful.  Suzanne (Paris, France, 2006).

...just thought I would drop you a quick line to say thank you for the fabulous Grade 4 Classical book Series 2 (ANZCA). Can’t wait to sart teaching from it, especially ‘Once Upon a Time’ [David Urquhart-Jones]  and.........Carmel  from “Stretto’ ANZCA’s quarterly magazine

David is also the author of a book on improvisation.  It is keyboard based and deals with the skills necessary to busk and improvise upon everything from Auld Lang Syne to jazz standards

“I can say without hesitation that I have not come across anything near as good or as comprehensive as Urquhart-Jones’ book. 

The clear and engaging style, the thoughtful organisation of material and the exemplary musicianship on display throughout should make

 it a ‘must-have’ for student and teacher alike.I am particularly delighted by the manner in which the book carefully ‘demystifies’ 

improvisation for the student. The author’s fearless inclusion of solid harmonic analyses throughout makes it also a welcome ‘practical’ companion to the traditional theory curriculum.”

From a review of my book  Improvisation in Concept and Practice by Dr Peter Tregear of Fitzwilliam College,

 University of Cambridge. 25th August, 2000.

Appreciative Comments - 2010

“..just loved your music and I think you are incredibly talented. Thank you very much for the scale tune you sent.”  Carol Ward,

 music teacher, New Zealand - 2010

“.....Kerin (Bailey) also asked if I could pass on his liking for your composition, A Wandering Waltz. I am working towards my Eighth Grade Modern exam and have chosen this piece as one of my repertoire.” Anna Klatt, music teacher, Australia

Yesterday's encounter with yourself will have far reaching effects on all concerned - & there are no accolades sufficient to describe your musicality, your caring, your professional demeanor, your encouragement - - - thank you, David!  Amanda Kalmar, music teacher, Australia - 2010

Thank you for sending the music post haste.   The other two pieces that are diploma level  are  Past Times  and Waltz in C minor.   Would appreciate copies.  The students love your music and it is wonderful that these pieces are in the classical syllabus.  Dorothy Rogers, music teacher, Australia

I have only used the book once which was very enjoyable and I planned to use it more after this next round of exams coming up. I will relay this to Elaine, they will be well used.

I had one pupil this year who played your Roggie Doggie. She loved it so much that when we first started it, she had it learned in about 2 weeks which was quite an achievement for her at that time.

Helen Pollock, music teacher, New Zealand, 2010

It was great to see you again even though our time was limited.  Thank you very much for the compliment about my teaching I much appreciate it, as I don't get much feedback as to how well I'm doing and its nice to hear it. Thank you.

The books you left with me were:  Kiddy Songs, Still Groovin'  and Groovin' On  

I really enjoy these book and have played them every day since you left them with me.

Christine Perkins. music teacher, New Zealand - 2010