Duos and Trios for woodwind piano & bass

Cover for Fairy Tale

Pieces for Duos and Trios

(Various instrumentations including flute, clarinet, piano and bass (electric & acoustic)

Of four published trios, two are for flute, keyboard and electric (or acoustic) bass;  the third is for flute, clarinet and keyboard. All three are suitable for concert performance. The fourth trio, Fairy Tale, for flute piano and bass (or ‘cello) is aimed at about a  grade three level of performance .

 Three and Easy and Chilli With A Dash of Swing are contemporary in style reflecting both jazz and latin ‘feels.’   Chord symbols are given to enable improvisation, though, as in the keyboard pieces, all ‘improvisational passages’ are written out and the performer may simply play the piece as written. The third trio, Hip Hip Baroque  juxtaposes jazz and baroque styles.  Fairy Tale is in ‘classical’ style.  

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Published Score

  1. Chilli With A Dash of Swing. (For flute,piano and bass.)
  2. Three and Easy ( For flute,piano and bass.)
  3. Hip-Hip Baroque (For flute clarinet and piano with optional bass.)
  4. Fairy Tale (For flute piano and bass.)
  5. Trio in C (for flute clarinet and piano)
  6. Berceuse (for clarinet and piano

Nos 1 to 6 are listed for for the VCE

Two recently completed works, one for flute, clarinet and piano, one for flute and piano and one for clarinet and piano are as yet unpublished. These are:

Unpublished Scores

     1.Three Pieces for Flute and Piano 

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   2.Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano

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