Music for Small Ensembles

Reel Time

Reel Time is scored for flute, oboe, keyboard, bass and percussion. A part in Bb for the clarinet is an optional substitute for the oboe is included in the set of parts.

The written percussion part may be discarded in favour of more ‘folksy’ instruments such as the bhodran.

With the exception of the keyboard part which is written right through, the parts make use of both ‘da capo’ and ‘dal segno’ indications to reduce the number of page turns. 

Performance of  Reel Time could feature the participation of a celtic dance team.

An arrangement of Reel Time is available in which the two wind parts are adapted for two violins.

Sea Shells

Sea Shells is scored for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano and bass.  The piece contrasts a gently lilting melodic section in three-time with a fast, furious and technically challenging czardas.

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Clarinet 5te        

This piece, as is traditionally the case, is in four movements: Allegro; Adagio; Scherzo; Finale

Clarinet 5te Finale ScreenShot