Orchestral Pieces



This piece uses the compositional devices of the baroque juxtaposes with "classical" jazz styles of the 20th century. The formal structure is that of a concerto grosso "allegro"

Classica Suite

This piece is intended for a school or community orchestra where viola players might be hard to find. The viola part is written to be within the compass of the violin and a "3rd violin" part is supplied. There are six movements.







Celtic Suite

The Celtic Suite, which uses the idioms and forms of Scottish traditional dance forms is in four movements.





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Scottish traditional music lives on in both song and dance. Old tunes are kept alive; each generation of musicians presenting them in different instrumental ensembles and arrangements. New music is continually being written in both traditional dance and ballad styles.

This suite of original music uses the dance form of the reel, stathspey and jig scored to reflect both traditional and symphonic styles. Nostalgerie attempts to capture the nostalgia and strong sentimental flavour of many Scottish song melodies both past and present.

Greensleeves Rides Again                              

Yet another arrangement of this most ancient of popular songs. As with the Vaughan Williams composition it has an original "bit in the middle".

Three Burns' Songs

Originally written for tenor soloist and string orchestra this piece may  be performed with instrumental solos replacing the vocal solos. There is a flute obbligato in My Love She's But a Lassie Yet.

Ye Banks and Braes

Bonnie Wee Thing

My love She's But a Lassie Yet

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Full Orchestra 

Festival 2001

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