There are eight piano albums.  All come with CDs.  The first three comprise a series of 'straight' pieces and 'jazzy' pieces. I have called this series  Straight and Jazzy.  The next three books  also contain pieces in a range of styles from 'classical' to jazz.  This series is known collectively as the Groovin series.  With teaching studios in mind in which studentsare taught in groups (of twos or threes) I have arranged a number of children's songs as solos, duos and trios with orchestral backing tracks on the included CD. I have called this book of pieces KiddySongs. Finally there is Six Mini Concertos - a book of pieces accompanied by full orchestral backing tracks (a portable symphony orchestra) so that the solitary pianist can experience the thrill of playing with an orchestra.

Many of my piano pieces are included in ANZCA music exam board piano syllabus.