Works Listed for VCE (Victoria, Australia)

The following works are listed in the 2012 list of prescribed works for group performance.

Group Performance

Chili With a Dash of Swing. for fl, pno and bass

Hip-Hip Baroque. for fl, cl and pno

A Fairy Tale. for fl, pno and bass

Trio in C - for fl, cl, and pno

Berceuse - for cl and pno

Reel Time - for fl, ob/cl, pno, drums and bass

Celtic Suite - for string orchestra

Fugality - (a piece in the style of a concerto grosso for string orchestra with piano bass and drum set 'concertino'.) 

Piano Solo

Mainly Latin

Scores and CDs

Two supporting CDs are available. The first contains recordings of all the works listed. The second contains backing tracks as well as complete performances of the “Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano”; “Berceuse”  for  clarinet and piano; and the piano solo, “Mainly Latin”.

Both scores and CDs are available through

Encore Music Distributors