David will be taking a break from giving workshops until 2015.


Dates:  26th - 29th May, 2013

Time:  9.30 am - 6.00 pm


                BLOCK E 33 - 02, DATARAN 3 DUA

                JALAN 19/1 PETALING JAYA

                 46300 SELANGOR

                 (Opposite Toyota Service Station)

Closing enrolment date: 20th May.2013

Reservations: Please call Ms. Lai on 012-3359028 or



Improvisation is an essential creative element in the array of skills necessary for the accomplished musician. Universities and music exam boards have recognised this and many have embodied requirements for improvisational skill in their courses and syllabuses.

The workshop will treat the development of generic improvisational skills and understandings with some bias towards those required for jazz-related musics. A competent musician should be able to improvise an arrangement of a national song or folk song as well as reading and improvising from a jazz lead sheet (chart).

Reference will be made to the importance of improvisation as a realistic encounter with music structure leading to a much better understanding of music’s grammars (theory).

Content will include:

• essential, basic chord patterns (progressions);
• melodic improvisation ‘solo’ or embodied in a simple harmonic texture;
• improvised arrangements or accompaniments of or for known melodies;
• jazz voicings
• blues and the blues scale
• modes as they are related to chords (in particular, locrian, diminished and dorian scales); • the walking bass
• arranging and improvising from lead sheets (charts).


The workshop will be managed as a ‘hands-on’ learning experience. Every participant will be given a piano to work with. 

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